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Your safety and security is essential as you stay at home.

As energy prices keep rising, homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on their utility bills. People spend thousands on insulating their homes, but often fail to get satisfactory results. The reason for this is that they often overlook a vital part of their home – the garage.

The weakest point in the thermal envelope of the house is generally the garage door. These doors are often not properly sealed, resulting in air leaks and energy loss throughout the day. And since the garage generally shares a common wall with the house, it leads to heat loss from your home as well.

In fact, it has been found that an insulated door can increase the temperature inside a garage from 20 to 42 degrees. So, if you are wondering where I can find the best technicians to fix my garage door or install an insulated one, then your answer is J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers. We are one of the most trusted names in garage door repair in Saint Charles.

We Give More than Just Energy Savings

When you choose our insulated garage doors, not only will your utility bills drop in summer, they will stay down in winter as well. This is achieved by our advanced green insulation option. This technology helps deflect UV rays and intense heat during the summer, keeping your garage cool, while preventing heat loss in winter.

Although energy savings is one of the biggest reasons for getting an insulated garage door, it is not the only one. Here are some of the other benefits we offer:

Increased Durability

The insulation is placed on the back of the metal garage door. This also leads to increased strength and durability of the garage door. This construction means that the door is much less likely to get dents or damaged. They are also more resistant to damage from weather and vehicles.

Better Health

With insulated doors from J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, you are making a great choice for the health of your family. Our insulated doors do not contain any allergens.

They are Quieter

Insulated doors not only stop the outside cold from entering your home, but also the noise. This leads to increased comfort.

Other Services We Offer

You can also contact us if you are looking for a new garage door for sale in Saint Charles. We offer a wide variety of commercial & residential garage doors, including rolling steel doors, sectional aluminum doors, roll up doors, high speed doors, warehouse and service bay overhead doors, and rolling sheet doors.

We also provide high quality garage door repair services in Saint Charles. Whether you need replacement of garage door cables, rollers, springs, or trimming, we are here for you 24/7. We also offer replacement parts and accessories.

We have built our reputation on excellent products and services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for repair and installation of garage door openers.