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Please know that we are still OPEN and willing to help our customers with their garage door needs.

Whether you need a new garage door, a replacement, a repair or you need a new garage opener, our team is there for you.

Your safety and security is essential as you stay at home.

Did you know that the cost of installing or replacing a garage door in America can range anywhere from $700 to $1,400? But the return on invest they offer makes it all worthwhile. In fact, getting a new garage door can yield around 84% in resale value for your home, according to Remodeling Magazine.

In addition, a new garage door can improve the appearance of your house, enhance functionality as well as make it much more secure. But installing a garage door is no easy task. And if you feel, “I can fix my garage door on my own,” then you should know that it takes training and experience to get it right.

Installing a garage door involves extensive electrical work, lifting heavy objects and removal of the previous garage door. Handling all these tasks by non-professionals can make the situation worse. So, don’t settle for anything less than the best if you want to install or repair a garage door in Grayslake. Call J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, one of the most trusted names in garage door openers & installations.

Residential Garage Doors for All Needs

No matter what your requirements and budget, we can help you find the best garage door for your home. We offer a wide range of garage doors in different colors, patterns and textures. And if you need repair or maintenance, we offer high quality services for that as well. Whether there are any cracks on the garage door or damage to the operating mechanism, we can take care of it all.

Before starting any work on the garage door, our team of technicians will visit your property. During this visit, they will analyze how much work is needed and if there is any other damage that you might not be aware of. This process will take place in your presence and you can ask any questions before the work begins.

In our residential garage services, we offer maintenance and repair of springs and rollers, garage door cables, change of trimming, garage door track repair, and lubrication of hinges. We also offer additional accessories for garage doors, such as remotes and battery back-up.

Heavy Duty Commercial Garage Doors

We not only provide great residential garage doors, but also commercial ones. We provide sectional overhead doors, crafted from heavy duty steel. These doors have options for windows and insulation as well. We also provide a wide range of steel doors. If you are looking for a door for a self-storage facility, check out our light sheet roll-up door. For those looking for more durability, insulated, flat slat and sealed overhead doors can be a great choice.

We also offer rolling steel doors, with options such as crank operated, chain hoisted, and motorized models. Apart from these, we provide aluminum garage doors that give you style and function.

Contact us if you’re looking for a new garage door for sale in Grayslake or want to get your existing door repaired. We are committed to the highest standards of service.