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Trusted Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation in Hanover Park

Please know that we are still OPEN and willing to help our customers with their garage door needs.

Whether you need a new garage door, a replacement, a repair or you need a new garage opener, our team is there for you.

Your safety and security is essential as you stay at home.

A garage door is opened around 3 to 5 times each day, on average, which makes it about 1,200 to 1,500 times a year. Such heavy usage takes its toll. It is common to find garage doors making squeaky noises, not sliding down properly or developing other signs of wear and tear. All of these mean that a normal garage door in America generally lasts about 10 years at the most.

However, by monitoring your door regularly and ensuring timely repairs on the first signs of damage, you can prolong the life of these doors drastically. And if you think “I can fix my garage door on my own,” think again. Garage doors are heavy, mechanized equipment, with lots of different parts. Handling by amateurs might not only damage them but injure you as well.

Contact J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers today for any garage door repair needs in Hanover Park. We have built our reputation through years of excellence in installation and repair of commercial & residential garage doors.

Personalized Garage Openers

Whether you want to repair your existing garage opener or get a new one, we offer it all. We have a wide range of garage door openers to suit every need and preference. We offer products from the most reputable brands.

Our long list of products includes screw driven, belt driven and chain driven garage door openers. All three come with their advantages. The popularity of chain driven garage door openers is based on the fact that they are extremely reliable. In case of screw driven openers, the USP is their affordability. They are the first option for any business or homeowner on a budget. As for belt driven garage door openers, they are extremely smooth and produce very little noise.

We also provide a wide range of high-quality accessories for garage door openers, such as:

  • Wireless wall consoles
  • Remote light control
  • Additional remotes
  • Wireless keypad entry
  • Keychain remotes
  • Battery back-up

Any door opener parts or accessories, including garage door cables installed by us, is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. And when it comes to labor, that is guaranteed by us to be of the highest standards.

Installation You Can Trust

We are not just a place where you can find a new garage door for sale in Hanover Park, but also get it installed. Our team of technicians is experienced in installing garage doors from almost all the leading brands in the industry. We are also committed to adhering to the highest standards of service and all industry regulations.

We are more than happy to give you an insight into our installation process, pricing and the different options available for you. So, contact us for any assistance you need with installation and repair of garage doors openers. Our team is available 24X7.