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The Best Garage Door Repair and Installations in Addison IL

Please know that we are still OPEN and willing to help our customers with their garage door needs.

Whether you need a new garage door, a replacement, a repair or you need a new garage opener, our team is there for you.

Your safety and security is essential as you stay at home.

A garage is much more than just a space for parking your car and storing stuff. Did you know that almost 66% of American homeowners use their garage as the primary entry point to their house?

Entering from the garage can lead you directly to your kitchen or living room. And when your hands are full of groceries or your office bag, this can be a great relief. A garage is a great point of entry, in case inclement weather too. Whether you need to dry your umbrella, remove muddy footwear, or shed wet clothes, it is much better to do that in the garage than at your front door.

But this also means higher use, more wear and tear and frequent breakdowns. This not only puts stress on your bank account, it is also a serious safety risk. Therefore, it is essential to get your garage door repaired as soon as you detect a problem.

If you are wondering where can I find the best technician to fix my garage door, look no further than J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, the most reliable and trusted name for garage door repair in Addison.

Our Repair Services

We are experts when it comes to maintenance, installation and repair of commercial & residential garage doors. Our repair services include:

  • Adjustment of spring tension to ensure the door is opening properly.
  • Replacement of damaged and old garage doors.
  • Repair and replacement of faulty garage door openers.
  • Track replacement and bracing for doors which are off track.
  • Replacement of garage door cables, rollers, and hinges.
  • Tightening of loose nuts, bolts, and screws of the garage door.
  • Upgrading the trimming and décor of the garage door.

Before making any repairs, our experts first inspect your garage to make sure that all issues are identified.

The Best Installation Process

We not only provide great repair services, but also are one of the best when it comes to installation of garage door openers. Here’s a look at our installation process:

  • When you call us, we respond promptly. Our professional helps you find the perfect garage door for your needs, keeping your taste, requirement and budget in mind. They also tell you about the various colors, textures and finishes available.
  • Once you have selected the door, our analysts visit your property and inspect it thoroughly. They also take all the necessary measurements at this time.
  • The next step is to deliver the customized door to your address. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen then install the door so that it is working perfectly. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have during this process.
  • After everything has been completed, they will clean up after themselves, so that you get to enjoy the brand new door.

Make us your first choice if you are looking for a new garage door for sale in Addison. Contact us today to get a quote.