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Insulated Garage Door Repair and Installation You Can Trust in Huntley IL

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Whether you need a new garage door, a replacement, a repair or you need a new garage opener, our team is there for you.

Your safety and security is essential as you stay at home.

It might be hard to believe, but around 90% of the homes in America don’t have proper insulation, says Energy Star. This can be a major reason behind our ever-growing energy needs. But why are homes still under-insulated despite people spending so much on it?

The reason is that we often overlook a vital part of the home, the garage. Being often the least insulated area of the house, energy can leak from other rooms to the garage through shared walls. This is why an insulated garage door is recommended for reduced utility bills.

Plus, such garage doors also reduce noise levels. An insulated garage door is able to absorb vibrations from the surrounding areas as well as those generated from its own operation. This is great for those using their garage as an entry point for their living areas.

If you do not have an insulated garage door yet, it is time you get one. Contact J&J Garage Door & Electric Openers, your one stop destination for installation and repair of insulated garage doors in Huntley.

Insulation You Can Trust

By choosing us to install an insulated garage door, you can be assured that you will get only the best. Some of the things that make us stand out in the industry are:

  • Our insulation helps you save energy throughout the year, not just during winters. In summer, our advanced green insulation deflects the intense heat and ultra-violet rays. This is not only great for your home, but for your car as well. It has been found that high temperatures can evaporate the liquid in your car batteries, decreasing their life by 50%.
  • Our garage doors come with the insulation fixed on the back. This helps in increasing their strength and durability. Whether it is a bump from your car or bad weather, an insulated garage is better equipped to handle it all.
  • When you choose J&J Garage Door & Electric Openers, you can also be assured that we have your good health always on our mind. That is why we make use of insulation that is free of allergens.
  • We also provide a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns in garage doors.

High Quality Repair Services

Our services are not just limited to new garage doors for sale in Huntley. Some of the commercial & residential garage door services we provide are:

  • Replacement and repair of all types of commercial and residential doors.
  • Adjustment of spring tension.
  • Repair of damaged and broken springs.
  • Inspection of fraying cables and replacement if needed.
  • Tightening of bolts, screws, and nuts of the garage door system.
  • Upgrade of décor and trimming.
  • Detection and replacement of garage door cable due to wear and tear.
  • Installation and repair of garage door openers.

We also offer high quality parts and accessories, such as hinges, rollers, weather stripping, tracks, seals and circuit boards. So, if you’re wondering, “Where can I find technicians to fix my garage door,” contact us now!